What is the operating system NetBSD


This OS belong to BSD. This is a operating system that is independent, that is, it is not based on another operating system how could it be Ubuntu or Fedora. This software was created in USA. Use the following desktop environments: AfterStep, Awesome, Blackbox, Fluxbox, GNOME, IceWM, KDE, Openbox, WMaker, Xfce.
Xfce is a desktop environment lightweight for this reason is useful for computers with low computing power. The KDE Desktop in together with Gnome the most used desktop in linux. It is highly customizable and somewhat heavy but less so than Gnome.
Use cases:

  • This distro has as one of its purposes to be a web server.
  • This distro is thought to be a workstation operating system.
  • NetBSD can be installed on Raspberry Pi.

Architectures supported by NetBSD:
acorn26, acorn32, alpha, amiga, arc, atari, cats, cobalt, dreamcast, emips, evbarm, evbmips, evbppc, evbsh3, ews4800mips, hp300, hp700, hpcarm, hpcmips, hpcsh, i386, ibmnws, luna68k, m68010, mipsco, mvme68k, mvmeppc, news68k, newsmips, ofppc, pmax, powerpc, prep, sandpoint, sgimips, shark, sparc32, sparc64, sun2, sun3, vax, x68k, x86_64, zaurus

This operating system has a good user base so there will be more resources on forums and websites when developing or using it.

Offical website of NetBSD

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